• RESPONSIBLE - Committed to ethical and responsible actions
  • EXCELLENT - Achieving high Performance and excellent results
  • INNOVATIVE - Being innovative to create sustainable value for our customer

We have Experienced Electrical Installation Engineers/ Supervisor / Executives - Worked More than 20 Years in the Field. Most of the People in Our Team have worked in MNC Project like Ford, Hyundai, Saint Gobain Glass, Siemens - Airport Sector, TOYOTA, GMI Etc…


Engaging Specific Person for the Specific Job
Method of Statement
Certified Welders/ Electricians
Engaging the Technical / Experienced People for the Critical Activities
Our Quality Engineers will ensure each & every activities on day basis
Filing Quality Check list after Completion


Everyday Toolbox Talk before Commencement of the work with PPE
Toolbox Talk on the Spot before starting any Critical Activities Like Transformer Installation, Tower/
Breaker Installation, Overhead Cable laying , Oil filtration etc..
Safety Analysis/ Site Survey report based on the Method Statement
Periodical Inspection of Tools & Tackles


Following Daily Progress Report
Preparation of Daily Activity Plan/ Weekly Activity Plan/ Monthly Plan based on Master Delivery Schedule.
Our Own developed Tracker will be followed for Each & Every activities & the Catch up plan will be made according to achieve the TARGET.

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